Hourly Service Packages

Our goal is to simplify and keep in order our clients’ lives. We offer different options depending on our clients needs. These hours are valid for 3 months. *Minimum of one hour of services per visit.

Diamond Package:

This package is for our Master delegators!! It’s perfect for those of you who want to have consistent weekly support in your home or office! This will provide you with weekly home organization, errand running and office support to keep you from running on the hamster wheel! You’ll speak with your personal concierge weekly to ensure we are doing everything possible to meet your needs.

40 hours for  $1500

Platinum Package:

This is for individuals who are juggling career/business with home and family obligations. Through life day by day and are often conflicted with spending time with family or running errands. They are overwhelmed and feeling stressed and burnt out, or simply those individuals who know that delegation is the route to success!

15 hours for  $600

Gold package:

Those who ultimately could benefit from having errands outsourced on a weekly basis:

10 hours for  $430

Silver Package:

Best for those who need a “little” help on a consistent basis

6 hours for  $270

Bronze Package:

Best for those who want to tackle their to-do’s once a month!

4 hours for  $200

The Essentials Package:

Best for those who want to run few small reoccurring errands.

2 hours for  $100

Senior Concierge Package

This package is designed to bring peace of mind to those who worry and are unable to help their aging parents, relatives and friends. The service includes errands, bill payments, setting appointments, companionship and “special deliveries” (think food from their favorite restaurant, flowers, etc.). The package is priced according to our senior rates, includes 4 hours of service and  mileage fees – $145/ month.  

We are part of the Senior Living directory aPlaceForMom

Special Service Packages

New Parents Package
 Ideal for new parents – $1138
Yes, you’ve received your most precious package already, but are you able to enjoy your time with the new member of your family? Keeping up with your daily chores while caring for a tiny baby is exhausting. On top of that you and your loved one need a rest. We have the solution – we will take care of the chores while you are adjusting to your new schedule!
Easy Move Package Up to eight hours of service (up to 10 miles travel included) – $480
We will help you make the transition to your new home smooth and easy. Leave it to us to deal with the details.
Away From Home Package up to five visits of service (If traveling over 10 miles per visit, additional SMF will be applied) – $275
If you are worried about your home while you are on vacation. Or you have some work done while you are enjoying your time off and you need someone to be on call if a problem arise. We are there for you.
Organized Life Package Five hours of service (If traveling over 10 miles, additional SMF will be applied)  – $300
If you are worried about your home while you are on vacation. Or you have some work done while you are enjoying your time off and you need someone to be on call if a problem arise. We are there for you.
Home Waiting Package  Up to 4 hours of service (Including traveling distance of 20 miles) – $195
Service providers always give you a time window of 2, 4 or 8 hours (Yes, you heard me right, 8 hrs!). However, sometimes you are unable to wait for them at home, so we came up with the best solutions – our Home Waiting Package! You can go off to work, attend your meetings and appointments, while we are at your residence waiting for the plumber, electrician or a special deliver.

Get Well Package Up to 4 hours of service, traveling distance of 20 miles – $195

We all have been sick to the point where we can’t get out of bed and wished we had someone to help us with the little things. We are not going to be your nurse but we will eliminate the simple tasks like picking up your prescription, shopping for tissues, Band Aids, cough syrup; walk the dog, deliver a warm soup, balloons, card, a care package.  Whether you are the sick one or a friend of yours, this is the perfect gift.

A la carte 

For those of you who feel more comfortable with paying by the hour instead of purchasing a package, our hourly rate is $55 and traveling up to 20 miles is included*.
An after hours, emergency or last minute request will be considered on case-by-case basis and upon availability. An additional $20 fee will be applied to the hourly rate.

**Minimum service requirement is one hour. Afterwards the rate is calculated in 15 min increments. If the job calls for two people it will be charged double.

Gift Certificates are available upon request. 

For full disclosure please read our Terms and Conditions.

*SMF – Standard Mileage Fee is charged when the project requires driving more than 20 miles.

*Credit Card number will be held as a security.