10 Gift Ideas This Season

As I write this post, there is less than a week left until Christmas. Yikes!  

Have you bought a gift for everyone on your list yet? Well if you haven’t , you better hurry. Next thing you know it will be Christmas and you won’t have anything to put under the tree.

The strategy I’ve found to be most useful is making a list of the people you will be buying things for, then settle on a budget and more importantly stick to it! Make sure when you buy gifts for siblings to be something of the same value (siblings, especially young ones, always compare. Sad but true). If you want to make a big or expensive gift, you really need to know that person well otherwise you are risking your gift to be politely accepted but secretly discarded to the pile of  “I hate this thing. What am I going to do with it?!”    

I love to buy gifts, especially useful gifts. Sometimes I go for the silly ones or just ask what that person really wants and go for it.  But other times I just want to buy something cool, like a new gadget or something made from recycled material. I often use Uncommon Goods website or Gifts.com for ideas.  

There are a lot of techy items but nowadays everything is revolving around technology.

Of course, if you feel crafty you can make your own gift. Pay attention while you are having conversations for what they “secretly” wish for  or just go with your gut feeling when deciding what is the right gift for her/him. The most important part is to be personal, to show that you’ve put an effort in choosing this particular item for that person, and even if they don’t like it they will appreciate the fact that you’ve tried.

Here are some gifts that I think will be hit this year:

  1. Wearable Technology- Fitbit, Samsung, Garmin, even the designer watches (Movado, Michael Kors, Fossil, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc.) have jumped on the smartwatch bandwagon.
  2. Any of the streaming devices  and services – seems like everyone is trying to get rid of cable so here are some suggestions: Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Apple Tv, even PlayStation has a streaming service. Here is a good article about all of this https://www.fomopop.com/guides/live-tv-streaming
  3. Wine /Cheese/ Beer of the month club
  4. Fluffy, soft throw blanket- Another universal, last minute, not sure-what-to-buy gift.
  5. Coffee/ Tea gift set –  I know it’s “old news” but it is simple and classic. Perfect for coffee or tea drinkers.
  6. Magazine subscription – this year I am gifting the Magnolia Journal subscription.
  7. Silly gifts- I found these gems!
  8. Swell water bottle – do some good while shopping for a gift!
  9. Monthly box subscription – what is that, you ask? Every month they send you little things like, creams, makeup, jewelry even. There are some companies that do clothes…. Birchbox, Sephora,  Stichfix, etc.
  10. Ski lift pass. It will be pricey now but usually in the beginning of the season there are good discounts.

I hope you got inspired with this post. Hurry to the store before it’s out of the items you want or it’s closed. I wouldn’t recommend online shopping at this point!


Have fun and Happy Holidays!

~ Pavlina



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