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Decluttering, Minimalism and Adding Value to your life

What do Marie Kondo, Dan Harris, The Minimalists, and the Financial Independence (FI) Movement have in common?


As we know, the first three months of the year are all about new beginnings and transformations. It all comes back to our goals for the year (check out our 2019 intention setting article for more). As I’ve mentioned before, for some people it’s all about self- care and getting in shape. For others, it is about organizing their homes and/or lives in general. What most people fail to realize is that all of these are intertwined and connected. If we are doing great on one project, we have the confidence and desire to tackle the second one and so on. The important thing here is that you need to start somewhere. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought, just start with something simple and easy. Then kick it up a notch with each following project.

That’s exactly what Marie Kondo is talking about in her book, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, and Netflix series, Tidying up with Marie Kondo.

If you haven’t heard of her book or seen her show yet, I highly recommend it. I have my thoughts and ideas about it, but the core message is to get inspired to get a hold of your life and belongings.

First, let’s talk about the clutter.

Have you heard the saying “Cluttered home, cluttered mind”? Why do we have so many things? Are they useful? Did we spend a lot of money on them? And the big question – where are we going to put them??

You might not know this, but researchers have discovered that clutter creates a stressful environment. Who wants more stress in their life, caused by the very things that are supposed to provide comfort!? The KonMari philosophy states “It must spark JOY”. Look around the room and find something that really sparks joy and then compare that feeling to another item – is it the same sensation or is it more like “I paid money for this, I am not throwing it away” or “I might need it in the future”.  She goes into detail about why you should or shouldn’t keep an item, but all comes down to this: Is it serving you at this very moment and will it add value to your life?

And here is where people usually get confused and find it hard to move forward.

We often get calls from clients that are so eager to start a decluttering project that they don’t factor in how overwhelming it can be. In those cases, the KonMari method will not work! Setting up a personalized plan of action according to the client’s needs is essential. Sometimes, clients just need someone to be there for moral support during the process. We’ve done this many times 😉

Other times, we are there just to give them the detailed plan and they go off on their own. Clients often tell us we were the catalyst for a massive life changing project!

There is a saying that is so true, and yet a lot of people refuse to embrace it: “To see new results you need to do new things/ take different actions”. How does that translate for you? “Magic” takes work and can’t happen overnight. It also can’t happen if you keep doing the same things. It requires a lifestyle change. Are you ready to do whatever it takes to live happier, healthier, better and organized life?

That is what The Minimalists are talking about as well. They also have a book and a Netflix movie. Even though some may think it is a bit extreme to live with so few items, what they are promoting is keeping the things that are VALUABLE to you. Which is essentially the items that spark JOY. It is interesting how more and more people are starting to talk about being present in the moment and cherishing the people and things that are valuable to you. By removing the unnecessary stressors, you are happier and have the desire to spend your newly found free time doing what you love.

Dan Harris is addressing this issue in his book “10% Happier”. He would know about navigating through stress. He is a correspondent for ABC News and an anchor for Nightline and GMA. What he promotes is finding what’s VALUABLE in your life, being present and trying to limit technology. We are all guilty of the techno-zombie.

Another example of a group of people who have found a way to reduce stress and be happy is the FI movement. FI stands for Financial Independence. Some may scoff, thinking FI promotes limiting your expenses to the point that you don’t spend on anything. And for some that may be true, but the core belief is that you only purchase the things that will ADD VALUE to your life. Therefore you spend less, and you are more financially secure. And when it comes down to it, what are the things that matter to us most?

What do all these people have in common? Why am I telling you all this?

Happiness! Joy! Clear mind and space! TIME! A less stressful life!

These are the things that EVERY ONE of us is looking for, yet somehow, we manage to bury ourselves in clutter and drift further away from these goals.

How are you going to declutter your life? By no longer buying knick-knacks or donating the clothes you haven’t worn in more than a year? Or is it by restructuring your daily life to accommodate more family time?

All you need to do is start from somewhere. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be all at once. Lifestyle changes take time and determination. Are you ready for it?


~ Pavlina

I know I say this all the time but if you need help kick-starting your organizing project, we are here to help! Call us to set up your big transformation appointment 😊

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