A different Valentine’s day!

Feb 14 - Love Day

It is February, and as we well know, the only fun holiday is Valentine’s day.  If you are near a big city, probably you’ve found out that getting a dinner reservation in a trendy restaurant is impossible. So how about this: an alternative celebration to a day that is all about saying “I love you” to the most important person in your life!

You could start with a new and fun idea to spend your day:

  • Scavenger hunt followed by a massage, or a romantic dinner for two in a hotel room with a view – could be the mountains, the city, the ocean. Whatever you enjoy.
  • If you still want the trendy restaurant thing: consider booking a room with one of the nice hotels in town, that offers a Valentine’s Day package.
  • How about a secret getaway? Call your boss, call her/his boss and ask for a day or two off and surprise the person.
  •  You want something handmade: nothing shows how much you love someone than a love note or even a list of things you love about them
  • Falling on the naughty side and even more adventurous?

How about visiting Forty Winks Lingerie Boutique in Cambridge and pick out something fun?  They have lots of interesting Valentine’s day specials. 😉

Cambridge local business. Fun Errands, Personal Assistant

And while you are there, go next door to Good Vibrations. If something like that is not your thing, they have classes and workshops how to improve your game.

There a lot of fun things to do out there, what’s more important is that it needs to come from your heart!

     – Pavlina


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