A New Way To Enjoy Autumn In New England

Autumn Foliage

If you are from Boston area most likely you know that the Fall is one of the best seasons – colorful leaves, cooler temperatures, beautiful nature, corn mazes, apple and pumpkin picking. There are so many places you could visit to enjoy all of those things.

The well-known website Boston.com published an extensive list of apple picking farms in MA.  Of course if there are apples, there are pumpkins as well. Take your pick and have fun.

Last weekend I went to New Hampshire and discovered a new way to enjoy the amazing fall colors- zip lining from the top of a ski mountain. Or if you are too much of a chicken like me, taking the lift to the top and hike down.  I have to admit zipping from over 2,000 ft altitude to the bottom of the mountain where I parked my car freaked me out. But the view is spectacular.

Another popular activity was the aerial adventure course (tree to tree zip lining, ropes, ladders, etc.) that has multiple levels of difficulty. In a nut shell- you are having fun while enjoying the beautiful nature around you. Be prepared though, the courses are over two hours and you might end up waiting a bit.

And if you decide to just drive around on a winding road and enjoy the view that way, here is a list with a specific routes: http://www.visitingnewengland.com/scenic.html

My only addition would be to visit The Berkshires in MA. It is breathtaking during the summer, imagine it with all the color range during the autumn!


Enjoy the season



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