Best Gift Ever!

Self love and appreciation

It’s February and many people’s favorite holiday is fast approaching. Many of the jewelry store commercials are full on. But I am wondering if you ever thought of gifting something to the MOST special person.

Everyone is talking about buying a gift for a loved one but how about buying a gift for the person that matters most – you! Think of it this way, you are always there when needed; you are always getting gifts for others, you are always thinking of what’s next on the list. Or perhaps not always and maybe that is not exactly you. My point is, to do all of those things and more, you need to take care of you first before anything else. And as I write this I realized that I have been slacking on this myself (I just don’t like the gym).

It might sound selfish, but it isn’t. Get yourself in order so you can better help, work, serve, and live with others. This might be eating better, exercising more, working less, learning to prioritize, clearing the clutter, or improving your communication. Whatever you have been thinking about doing but somehow never get around to accomplishing.

And let’s be real, a big change is not going to happen overnight and the habit is not going to form in the first week. It takes at least 60 days for the habit to stick and small steps are the key.

My big win, so far, is waking up rested. That sounds stupid, you might say, but think about it. Sometimes we wake up and we are still exhausted. Finally, last year I decided to stop setting alarms and wake up when I am all done with sleep. I realize some of you might not have the option to do that, but if you can try going to bed on the earlier side. It will help avoid the dreaded “waking up exhausted” feeling.  And if you suffer from FOMO, don’t worry, getting the extra sleep is totally worth it!

What is the one thing that you want to gift yourself most this Valentine’s day?

I have to say this year a lot of our clients have taken up on clearing up some space in their homes and lives for the good juju to flow easily. Since Jan 1st we have been tackling organizing and decluttering projects one after the other.

Is getting rid of old and unnecessary objects that are driving you nuts, the thing you need to tackle?

Or is it a long weekend (a week will be better😉) away from work and home for some R&R?

What is it that you need to gift yourself this year?


With lots of love,


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