Fall is here!

  It’s official, fall is upon us! The leaves in the trees are beginning to turn various shades of red, yellow, and orange color. You can feel the rain getting closer, and of course it’s getting colder. What does this mean for the average person? It means, adding more steps … More Fall is here! »

Back to School Tips

  Sadly the days at the beach are over and that brings us to the Back-to-school madness. The process is overwhelming for the entire family, sometimes more so for the parents. After working with families for several years what I’ve seen is people get overwhelmed and begin shoving anything and … More Back to School Tips »

The Value of Developing Organizational Strategies for Children

  As the new school year approaches, parents are doing frantic race to complete all of the to-do and shopping lists.  But are they overlooking an important issue concerning their child and building time management and problem solving habits?  We asked our friend Alexandra Berube at Boston Tutoring Services to … More The Value of Developing Organizational Strategies for Children »


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