New In Town?

It is fall and here in Boston it means lots and lots of new residents: college students, people moving for work, or just to start over. The city is not big but big enough, great for walking and bicycling. Lately I find myself helping people that are new to the … More New In Town? »

Latest wardrobe project

While some people were getting ready for Easter I was working hard on organizing this fabulous closet so my customer would have an easy access to all of her clothing and of course enjoy her holiday.  I highly recommend spending the extra few dollars for the professional Ikea help when … More Latest wardrobe project »

Spring has arrived, which means cleaning out your space!

Spring is here!! It is my most favorite time of the year. It’s also the best time to clear, clean and organize your closet, home and office. I was asked recently why is it always in the Spring? The season represents new beginnings, starting out clean.  The flowers start to bloom, … More Spring has arrived, which means cleaning out your space! »


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