Christmas Decorating

Decorating around this time of the year is my favorite. I love Christmas and everything about it – the preparation, buying gifts, sitting by the fire and chatting with family and friends.

Making your home cozy and beautiful doesn’t have to be difficult, here are few simple steps.
For example, the easiest way to spruce up the living room is with few colorful , pretty, holiday themed decorative pillows. Another fun trick is to wrap your coffee table with a ribbon so it looks like a present. If you like more simple and natural look, you can use some little wood figurines on the mantel or the window sill , pinecones in a pretty bowl or glass cylinder with a candle and some berries around it. One of my favorites decorating solutions is to fill a glass cylinder with ornaments. Easy and pretty.

Use evergreens inside of the house as well on the outside. For example: potted evergreen topiaries, potted paperwhites to brighten up the kitchen, wreaths, garlands, etc.
I love this particular garland idea . It combines decoration of the banister with way to display the holiday cards that you’ll receive.

Xmas cards display


And lets not forget the Advent Calendar! Some people get really creative with that idea, for example using part of small old wrought iron fence to hang satchels with the little gifts. My swedish friend ties the little surprises to an authentic handmade scandinavian advent calendar and hangs it on the kids bedroom door.


However you decide to decorate your home make sure it goes well with the current house decor. Arrange it in a way that you will love seeing because it will be there every time you pass by that particular room. And lastly beware where you place the candles, there are way too many fires around the holidays.


Have fun with the project



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