Don’t Know What To Buy This Year… Here Are Some Ideas

For some people it’s easy to choose gifts for their family and friends at Christmas time. For me it can be difficult task, not because I don’t know what they like- although, I occasionally have these moments as well. The problem is that I want to give them too many things and I can’t make up my mind which one I should choose. This year I wanted to share with you few of the items on my list of gift ideas that are funny, cool or interesting.

When looking for gifts for kids, Uncommon Goods is my first stop. This year they have this cool Smartphone DIY Projector , it’s not HD and seems more appropriate for younger kids. They also have The Storymatic Game that stimulates creative types, they have an adult and kids versions. I gave The Cookie Face Mugs a few years ago as a smaller secondary gift, and guess what? They were a big hit! Nobody cared for the “big” gift.

If you are looking for a gift for your teenage child that is into gadgets, they have some pretty cool stuff too. Makey Makey is a gift that I’ve given in previous years, geared for teenagers and young adults. Another very cool gadget (my opinion, of course) is the Virtual Keyboard from Brookstone. And lets not forget Amazon Echo, the super cool virtual assistant.

It seem that everything is becoming wireless nowadays and so here are few things that could be great gifts. The small portable speaker is a great smaller, secondary gift, I found this Pocket size one on Amazon, but there are so many brands and different kinds out there, it’s overwhelming.

Super Compact External Battery is another great gift. Now everyone has a mini computer in their hand that uses so much power, they’ll need a backup. This one is small and inexpensive.

This year I am giving a Hat with Bluetooth (Amazon has a big selection) as a gift to few people. A friend told me about it and I think it will be a hit. No need for headphones and it keeps you warm!

And how about the new Polaroid Instant Digital Camera! So much fun to use.

Some of my other interesting ideas are the Solar Recharging Kit , for the person that spends a lot of time outdoors, or if you want to save on money for batteries like AA or AAA. Buy rechargeable ones and use the solar kit to bring them back to life.

Even though a lot of people are hesitant to buy sports club membership as a gift, I think it is a great idea. Places like Yoga studios, Crossfit gyms, Cycling studios, Barre studios, etc., they are not cheap. If you think that it will send the wrong message, get them lift tickets instead, or better yet sign up together for a Bubble Soccer League. They have it indoors during the winter.

And if that is not something you want to give, how about tickets to a concert, or a theater performance, or circus or stand-up comedy show. This year multiple people told me that hey are buying experiences instead of things.

Lastly, lets talk about relaxation. Who doesn’t like to be pampered and refreshed?! It is The Perfect Gift for anyone! Here are some options at the top notch places in Boston – The Mandarin OrientalBella Sante, Boston Harbor Hotel ( they even have a Gentlemen’s Escape), G2O Spa .

There are other massage places, such as Massage Envy and Elements Massage, that you can sign up for a membership and receive a monthly massage for free. The big plus for signing up is that if you decide to skip a month or more, you accumulate the free visits!


Have fun shopping and don’t be afraid to buy something silly, such as those “Lump of Coal” chocolates!

Ho Ho Ho!



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