Fall is here!

Let’s get routines established!


It’s official, fall is upon us!

The leaves in the trees are beginning to turn various shades of red, yellow, and orange color. You can feel the rain getting closer, and of course it’s getting colder.

What does this mean for the average person? It means, adding more steps to your daily routine; for some this means leaving the house earlier due to those morning rain showers. You can’t forget the heavy rush-hour traffic to drop off your kids to school.

Yes, it’s that time of the year – AH-GAIN!

So getting established an organized after a fun (and too short) summer, creating functional spaces and more importantly effective routines can save you a lot of time and even a lot of headaches.

Establish Routines

One of the biggest issue I see is that many parents don’t have an established routine in place even though it’s the one thing keeping them sane and the kids focused and organized. So I’m here to give you a “gentle” reminder and some effective suggestion. First, save yourself some time in the morning by picking out your outfit the night before. This can be a fun activity for everyone in the family; even for the little one’s. Those of you with older kids, set a time by which they must be ready each morning and don’t forget to buy yourself 10-15 minutes; just in case.

A family calendar is always a smart idea! Place your calendar in visible area everyone can see it, like in the family room or the kitchen. Display all the events and activities that are happening for the entire family, this way the entire family is aware of everyone’s commitments.

The best part is that these routines, are great for anyone, not just those with kids.

Establishing healthy habits are important; especially when challenged with unexpected circumstances or become super busy. These habits eventually become second nature; where you don’t have to think about it, it just get’s done!

Better Functioning Areas

If you’re anything like me, the entrance of your home is my haven. After a long day, I want to come home to a well organized and purposeful space. We often dump our coats, kick off our shoes, and drop our briefcases or purse.

But this nasty habit can dramatically increase your stress.

Adding a beautiful item you love and respect to this space can jump start a beautiful friendship between you and your entryway. A small tray for your keys and change is a great way to end your day.  And for those busy parents with even busier kids, adding an individual space or hook  for their backpacks gives them a sense of ownership.

Another important space is your kitchen. The family dynamic was founded in the kitchen, between watching TV while making your favorite meal to reading the paper each morning to the kids doing homework at the kitchen table.  Having a functional and designated space that accommodates everyone’s activities is important. This area should include only items frequently used; like books, stationery as well a charging station. To enhance this space you can use baskets, plastic bins, shelving that compliments your decor.

Don’t forget those handy drawer dividers; which can take any organizational effort to the max, plus, they can be used in any room: bathroom, bedroom, office and so on.

And for those of you who are the Go Big or Go Home types…

Optimize Your Home

This time of the year will be your last chance to finish those home projects before the snow comes-a-knocking.

The garage is an important one. Why? Because you have to clear it out to store your summer items. You want to store your patio furniture, sports equipment or better yet –  your car!

Don’t forget the attic, all the items you just moved out of the garage need to go somewhere, right? Plus, I’m pretty sure there are some stored boxes that need some purging.

If it doesn’t have a specific purpose, get rid of it.

And this one may sound trivial but It’s an important one. Storing your summer clothing and strategically bringing back your winter clothing is important. Again, why? Because it saves you time!

Remove all of your summer clothing and make room for your warmer wardrobe. By doing that it will give you a better idea what you have and what you need; perhaps earn you some money as you realize you have items you can sell for fast-cash.

My favorite part of this season is the boots, if you live in New England, You. Must. Have. Boots.

One of my cheap tricks is to use empty Xmas wrapping paper rolls, you know the brown cardboard tube-thingy, yeah those. Place one into each boot to prevent creases on your boots or if you have a bigger budget, boot hangers are a great option, too!

Don’t forget, it’s a good idea to have a boot tray that will collect all the dirt and water and protect your floors.

Getting prepared for the winter can seem like a lot of work but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve provided you with a checklist that can get you on track.

Plus, we’re here for you, if you find yourself stuck on those projects, Master The Time Concierge is one email or phone call away!

Give us a call at 617.642.9918 or send us an email at info@masterthetime.com

Happy Autumn,

~ Pavlina



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