Guide to a Stress Free Summer

New England’s summers are short and sweet and unless you’re on top of things (and we know you are…wink wink) it’s gone by the time you decide when, where, how and with who. The truth is that life doesn’t stop because the weather if fabulous; actually it gets more complicated, am I right? It seems like the list of tasks increases along with the temperature.

Then you’re stuck with the dilemma on whether you should finish the laundry-list of chores that actually includes laundry or enjoy a nice day on Cape Cod or the White Mountains.

So, I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way!

You see, having a personal concierge isn’t for the rich and famous. It’s for people who live normal, productive and super-duper busy lives and want to enjoy it.

Master The Time Concierge is in the business of getting things done; while eliminating the guilt you’re constantly feeling because there isn’t enough hours in the day.

So, as the summer approaches again; here are some services we provide to make your life easier and your summer spectacular

1. Not ready for Summer?

Those of you who have a summer home where you go to relax on the weekends, know how time consuming and stressful it can be to get it summer-ready! You have to clean, restock with toiletries, freshen towels and linens, stock up with food and condiments and so much more. It can make anyone’s head spin.

I know, just reading about it makes you give up on the summer house idea, but don’t, really! What if I told you that all of it can get done just the way you like and you don’t even have to be there? Leave the details to us and all you have to do is show up with your swimwear. It’s that easy.

2. Booking Your Summer Vacation

Everyone one of us is itching to take a trip for the summer but not everyone has the time to research, compare, book, and plan a trip.  It can take hours to do all the legwork it takes to plan a great vacation. After a long winter, don’t you wish you could just show up to the airport; bags in hand and just GO?

We do it all (well, except go on vacation with you; but that can be arranged, lol), we research hotels, flights, attractions, compare pricing and find you the best deals possible. We completely eliminate the torture behind the planning.  All you have to do is pack (and we can do that too), show up for your flights, order a margarita and you’re set!

3. Doing a Summer Remodel?

New Englanders are notorious for remodeling in the summer, but who can blame them; winters aren’t suitable for home projects. The problem most people face is having the time to schedule, execute, and monitor their projects. Plus, you’re eager to get out in the sun and enjoy the weather. So, I say, go and enjoy yourself; have some fun in the sun while me and my team take care of the details for you.

4. The Final Touches

Plus, what’s a remodel without final touches, right? We are masters at delivering the details right to your door. We are experts at working with special vendors and exclusive designers so that you receive your beautiful pieces safely and on time.

Don’t forget about grandma’s favorite chair you’ve been wanting to reupholster? We pick up and deliver fabric swatches to your door. You get to pick your favorite fabric from the comfort of your own home. How does that sound?

5. House sitting? Who, me?

There’s this misconception that apartment livers don’t need house sitters. Just because you don’t own a home or a pet doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of house sitting services.

So what if you’re traveling and an expensive item is scheduled to be delivered and your BFF is working late so she can’t help you. Would you risk it by leaving it on your doorstep…probably not, right? Call on us, we love to help.

And this is a client favorite: after a long trip back home they always love finding their fridge completely stocked for the week. It’s the little things that matter after all; and we are experts in providing the details!

6. Keeping your Garden Green

I’m known to have a green thumb, I did work in a nursery for years afterall.  If you’re like me, I love my flower blooms and fresh veggie garden but I decided against an irrigation system without realizing how busy I was gonna be. And in the summer months our poor plants take a beating from the sun. We are plant lovers, so we’re happy to make the rounds and give your plants a very needed drink of water.

7. Did I hear you say, PAR-tay?!

The parties and BBQs are happening just about every-single-day in Massachusetts. And you’ve been wanting to host a fabulous summer party for a few years now.

So, here’s your chance!

We help you with scheduling, we do the invitations, we help pick a menu (with allergy accommodations of course), book the caterer. Last year we did a drink menu with specialty drinks to go with their party-theme — so much fun!

We eliminate all the guessing and take over the planning, so all you have to do is look fabulous as you host your event.

8. Keepin’ it Fresh

Today, people want nothing but the best on their dinner plates, so many are taking advantage of Farm Share services. Who can blame them, Community Services Agriculture is providing the freshest produce you can find. The only downside; however, is that they have designated locations and can sometimes be inconveniently located.

Our service provides an early pick-up so you get the freshest produce available and not only that we’re happy to properly wash your fruits and vegetables and put them away, so all you have to do is enjoy them.

9. Four-legged Pick-ups

No, we don’t show up to pick you up while on all fours…however, we know that many send off their pets on their own mini-vacations too. So, we’re happy to drop-off and pick-up Fido from doggy daycare or their pet hotel.

Most pet-sitting services have a strict pickup and drop-off policy. If any of those dates and times just won’t work, it can really put a damper on your travel plans. Who needs the extra stress? Let us pick up Fido and safely bring him home, so he can happily greet you when you arrive home.

10. Not The Shopping You Had in Mind!

I’m not talking about the glamorous boutique shopping you love to do; I’m referring to the long lists the summer camp leader just handed to you. This list is a must so that your kid can have a memorable summer experience, but we all know it takes two different trips to find everything you need on the list. Sigh is right!

Well, I’m here to tell you we’re happy to make those trips for you; while you  sit-and-enjoy-a-nice cold margarita.

I get it, each person has different needs and these are just some common requests from our clients. If you don’t see anything that fancies you, call us, we can make anything happen!

Happy Summer!



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