Hold Everything! – Just Do It.

Another beautiful weekend in Boston! Sunny, 45°F weather and let’s not forget, lots and lots of Christmas spirit! There are plenty of things to do around here at this time of year, such as shopping, outdoor performances, marveling at holiday decorations, Santa crawls… you name it. 

While I was enjoying a lovely Sunday at the holiday market, I received a call from an Illinois phone number. Most Sundays, I don’t bother with work calls, but for some reason, I answered anyway. A woman (lets call her Susan) told me about her teenage son, who attends a boarding school in New England, and while visiting Boston, he fell in love with a brand new pair of Nike Air Jordan Retro shoes that just came out today, of course. As a parent, how can you skip the opportunity to get your child something they’ll absolutely love for Christmas? She was determined to fulfill her son’s Christmas wish! Her problem lay with the store’s policy. They do not permit purchases made over the phone, nor would the manager hold the shoes because they are too in-demand right now. Naturally, her son couldn’t afford them either. Susan thought an errand and concierge service might be able to assist her from long-distance at 4:00 pm on a Sunday, and she was right. I went directly to the store downtown and paid for them. Shipping and handling were covered by the retailer, which I appreciated. And that is how we saved Christmas! Granted, the world would not have ended if he’d been unable to get the Jordans… but it is nice to know that his present will be under the Christmas tree.  

In case you didn’t know, this was not the first time we’ve received a distress call from a parent across the country, trying to help their child. Last summer, a mom from California had us bring cash to her daughter, who was leaving a high school camp held at a local college, but who didn’t have enough money to check her bag at the airport. Imagine the relief for both of them when I arrived with a handful of twenty’s to send her on her way!

We can never predict how our day will go but it is always interesting!

Merry Christmas!



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