Last minute decorating and food advice before Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and friends.  That said, you can make your holiday as personal and as perfect (or not) as you prefer.  Decorating during this time of the year is fun and can be easy, too!  Unleash your creative side and use items from your own back yard.  Traditional, humorous, or sophisticated looks can be achieved with a few simple touches.

Decorating trends this year don’t differ much from the last, but I’ll share my findings with you.  Our color palette for our decorations comes to us from Autumn’s harvest: orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, crushed stone, tarnished silver and black.  Since this holiday is about the earth and what we’ve harvested, it is only fair to use natural materials such as small branches (you could spray paint them), pinecones, nuts, pumpkins, pretty colored leaves, corn, wheat stalks, feathers, beeswax, candles, etc.

You can craft your own table centerpiece, or instead of an arrangement, you could run a garland along the middle of the table.acorn vases with chrisanthemums

world bowl with pinecones
Midwest Living

I did browse Pinterest for ideas and the possibilities are endless!  I can’t share all of the ones I like, but here are some of my favorites.  All are easy to make and only a little time consuming.


midwest living grass-corn vase
Midwest Living
Holly Mathis

Here are some great ideas for name cards that are easy to make – spray painted pomegranates, mini-pumpkins with a name attached to them, a ball of copper twine (from the hardware store) in the shape of a turkey.

Camille Style











Your children can be a part of the decorating process, too!  There are many fun projects for them to try.  I recommend making a turkey candle centerpiece.



Another cool project is the “Fruiturkey”.










Decorating is a lot of fun but can be a daunting task if, first, you have a messy house to deal with.  Here are some ideas on how to integrate organizing clutter into your decorating plan.

If you have an extensive book collection taking over what-could-be spare floor space, stack them into columns, and place an arrangement on top, or a decorative bowl with little knick- knacks inside (a.k.a. tiny clutter). Or use a kids’ old wagon to be your book shelf.

If you don’t have time to prepare a complete Thanksgiving dinner, I have solutions for you!  Some of my favorite places offer great catering options.

For example, Formaggio Kitchen  and Flour Bakery have a Thanksgiving menu that will take care of the side dishes and appetizers (which are a big trend this year!).  If you don’t have time to cook a turkey, Savenor’s Market will do it for you for additional price. They have a variety of organic and local farm-raised turkeys free of antibiotics and unnecessary chemicals. Also, let’s not forget Whole Foods.  They have tasty and reliable catering service as well.

And last, but certainly not least, what is Thanksgiving without pie?  Pie in the Sky is an annual fundraiser run by Community Servings to provide meals and nutrition for the critically ill and homebound in Massachusetts.  Ninety-three cents out of every one dollar goes directly to feeding Community Serving’s clients.  It is a great cause and it is the perfect time to help the people who need it most.

I hope that I’ve given you some fresh ideas that will help you with the fast approaching holiday.  Of course, if you don’t want to cook or decorate at all, there are many good restaurants that offer delicious thanksgiving dinner options.


~ Pavlina

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