Latest wardrobe project

While some people were getting ready for Easter I was working hard on organizing this fabulous closet so my customer would have an easy access to all of her clothing and of course enjoy her holiday.  I highly recommend spending the extra few dollars for the professional Ikea help when assembling this piece. It took few days deciding, designing and setting up this Ikea PAX wardrobe but the result was fantastic!

Halfway done

After pulling out the storage bins with seasonal clothes and piling the current ones, it was only natural to go through each item and decide if it’s still in good condition to be worn, still fashionable and does it have sentimental value. And I can proudly say we did well. Not only she let go of pieces that were obviously very nice but haven’t been worn in over 2 years, but also we were able to make a list of the key pieces she is missing to complete more than a few outfits. Which is why the closet was so full mismatched items.

Seasonal ClothingMore seasonal clothing









At the end of the day customer satisfaction is the goal. And that was achieved.

blouses, shirts and jeans
dresses jackets, belts and skirts








Enjoy Easter!

~ Pavlina

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