Life During Quarantine – Parenting and Homeschooling

Parenting and homeschooling

It’s time to meet our next guest Expert – Amanda Houle, a holistic parenting coach.

I met her few years ago and I was fascinated by her work, she was doing In-home behavior therapy and it reminded me of that show “Nanny 911”. 😊

Since she has been working as a coach, she has developed her own style and method – ALH Mindfulness Method.

I asked her to be part of these series because parents are overwhelmed with their own emotions while homeschooling and trying to navigate their kids’ emotions. It’s hard work and very confusing. I’ve heard from multiple people that their child(ren) are crying almost daily and grownups are not sure how to handle it. So as a holistic child specialist, she can offer some tips.

   Here is Amanda Houle:

Does it feel like a complete whirlwind where you are juggling working from home along with attempting to home school your children?

Here’s the deal. It’s totally ok to not feel like you know what you are doing. As a certified teacher I am giving you permission to give yourself and your children grace and know that it’s OK to not now how to teach.

It literally is not your job!

I am hearing from so many parents how overwhelmed they feel and my heart feels for you. There are simple and strategic ways we can lessen the load and ease into this shift that we are all being called to immerse ourselves in. First and foremost – you need to take care of yourself. It is impossible to pour from an empty cup. It sounds so simple yet it isn’t.

Children feed off of our energy immensely.

Now is the time better than ever to focus on your overall health. Start small. But start. Focus and intention allows you to show up for the day with more calm and ease and believe me your body and mind will thank you for it.

Highly suggest limiting news intake and if you absolutely need to do it – ONCE per day and without the children around.

The news is negativity.

Start your day with a gratitude practice either alone or together with the family. I am confident that schools will have procedures in place to allow students to catch up academically.

This is a reset for mother earth along with our families to spend the much needed time together as a family. I would love for more families to recognize this time as a pause to appreciate life. Less about material things and allowing more space to be still.




    • Start your morning with listening to music or a 5-10 minute dance party. Movement releases stress and increases dopamine and serotonin intake from the sensation of hearing music your children enjoy
    • If your children strive off of structure create a routine and break it down into small chunks (30-60 min)
    • Get outside A LOT
    • Allow your children to watch movies and if not allow time for creativity. Art with painting, drawing, coloring. Art is healing
    • Allow space for emotional growth and for all the feelings to arise. Our children are getting used to the new just as much as the adults.
    • Schedule video chats weekly, or even daily to create as much normalcy as possible.
    • Practice social distancing in person and allow your children to have face to face interaction

Emotions are running extra high right now for everyone. Over the last few weeks I have experienced more and more children of all ages moving through many emotions and often interchangeably throughout the day.

Many are really missing seeing their friends everyday and anxious about not finishing their school year in the 1st, 3rd or 11th grade in the same classroom or with their teacher.

Routine, structure, closure as we know it for school aged kids is waning on their emotional and mental health and for good reason.

So it’s important to note that while as adults we are nervous too about the unknown, finances, our health, we have to remember to stay strong for our kids. They mirror our behavior.

Allow them to feel ALL the feelings. Help them process by kindly acknowledging how upset they feel, mostly listen without offering suggestions straight away. Try asking how can I help or what would make you feel better in this moment in replace of offering what you think may help. If they say yes, then that’s your cue to offer suggestions to lessen their anxiety or sadness.

The last thing you want to do is shut them out or downsize their big emotions.

It may even be helpful in seeking outside support. Often times for older children especially, and regardless of how close they are with you, reaching out to a trusted professional has proven to be extremely beneficial to work through transitions and abrupt change.

For some of you is a no-brainer but for those who feel that may need  help please reach out to Amanda HERE to book family strategy calls if you need support getting through this difficult time!  Or be part of her new program ALH Mindfulness Method that has special pricing going until 5/11!

Good luck Parents! Try to stay sane 😉

~ Pavlina


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