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Senior Concierge Service

Here we are again, end of the winter, or so we hope, dreaming for warmer weather.

March is my birthday month and I’ve always wanted to have a celebration or adventure outdoors…. Ha ha, jokes on me. The curse of being a March baby is you don’t know what’s the weather going to be like. And so, I decided on yet another indoor event, or more like hang out with friends.

This year though, I celebrated with one more person – Mort. He is our oldest client, a whopping 94 years and still doing well on his own, at least for now. Turns out he is exactly 59 years and 1 day older than me. And since we are both Aries, we get along perfectly. So, for his birthday I picked up his favorite sushi and some other Japanese food treats and went to have lunch with him. Of course, he didn’t know about this, he even confessed he forgot that it was his birthday! So, it was a complete surprise.

As a true New Yorker, even though he has been living in Boston for who knows how many decades now, nothing, the bagels, pies, deserts, etc., are ever like the ones in NY! So, when getting him a desert all I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best 😊   

Well he loved the small decadent treats and honestly, I’ve never seen him eat that much since I’ve known him!

But let me tell you a little bit about him.

Mort was a literature professor at BU for many years. He loves to travel. Nowadays that’s not possible. He has been to many parts of the world and speaks multiple languages.

But most of all, he loves the Opera! He used to go to concerts in NYC all the time, however that had to stop because it was getting difficult for him to get around in the city.

He hired us few years back, when he was still very much active. He walked the dog himself, drove himself to places, walked around town, – but he just didn’t want to do certain things anymore. What we usually do for Mort is shop for food, which he later cooks; tidy up the house, if it needs it; drop off the laundry at the wash and fold place around the corner; and the part that he enjoys the most is the company and conversations.

I know some people don’t understand the type of service we provide, or why would someone need it. But let me tell you, I love talking to my “old peeps” as I call them. They always have interesting stories from the past to tell. The conversations can go in many directions, in fact a lot of times they give me ideas how to solve a problem.

And if you do know someone that is elderly, you know that they love company!

That is one of the many benefits of our services.

As Mort is advancing in his age, we are responsible for more of the other house management side of things, such as: Hiring a dog walker, schedule electrician, plumber, phone provider, etc.; coordinating his medical appointments, hiring a senior care company that will provide the services he needs, and many other little things that may come up on the way of making him feel comfortable in his home.

He doesn’t want to stress about navigating all the pieces and so we are doing that for him.

It can be scary and difficult getting old but my team has made Mort’s days just a little bit easier and brighter. 


I hope you enjoyed Mort’s story.


— Pavlina A.


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