New Decade, New Me!

Gala event

Hey, friends…. Happy New Year! (Better late than never 😊)

It’s 2020, PEOPLE! A new decade!

As the Founder (and visionary leader) of Master The Time Concierge, I decided to think of a “New Decade Resolution” in place of the same old “New Year’s Resolution.”

2020, says the Chinese calendar, is the Year of the Rat, which promises prosperity (in the long run, if you set yourself up for it). So what are the goals, ideas, and projects we as a company would like to work on?

Let me tell you a bit more about our “New Decade, New Me!” motto.

We totally love what we do—helping people navigate their busy lives, relocating them, inventing solutions for problems–doing all those little things (and big ones) that our clients love us for. If you are not familiar with our services yet, you can find a list here. Just know that we can do almost everything, if you are not sure – just ask us! 😉

If you’ve met me in person, you know I’m very practical, but I also love to have fun.  And if you’ve read the testimonials to our indispensable and far-ranging help on our website, you know of our success in a huge variety of projects.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Here is where the fun part comes in. . . .  In the past few years, we’ve taken on event planning for people and businesses, and our clients (and we) have loved the way the events turned out! So, in this decade we’re planning to do more events—especially the “is it possible” type of event, the unusual, special, unique celebration that needs to be done with a splash and success.

We are so looking forward to unleashing our creative genius.

How can we transform your life by making your event memorable, fun, trouble-free and special?

But wait…

This doesn’t mean we’ll stop providing our Lifestyle Management and Concierge Services.  We’ll simply have designated team members that will continue working with our clients on the usual services. We’ll all have more fun in carrying out happy events from start to finish.

I’m excited to start this new chapter of the business and see where it will take us.  We promise, it will make your life easier!


Here’s to the next decade, filled with opportunities and joy.
Wishing you a prosperous 2020. Cheers!
~ Pavlina

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