New In Town?

It is fall and here in Boston it means lots and lots of new residents: college students, people moving for work, or just to start over. The city is not big but big enough, great for walking and bicycling.

Lately I find myself helping people that are new to the area and they need a simple “walk through” town and advice on local routes, best places to shop, eat, etc.

It is fun and interesting, re-discovering the city all over again.

Here are few simple rules to follow when relocating.

  1. Research your new neighborhood and town

Nowadays Google is your best friend when going to a new place. There are so many websites, blogs and articles that you can find on the Web.

  1. Talk to your neighbors.

There is nothing wrong with introducing yourself to the neighbors next door (or few doors down). Not only you’ll give them a good impression but most likely you will find out a lot more about your new town and neighborhood.

  1. Finding friends.

If you are looking to find new friends, bars are not the most successful places but it’s possible, depending on the people. Your best bet is to get involved with some organization, sport, hobby, volunteering, whatever is your interest. A good website for hobby and interests is or for sports BSSC (I am sure all major cities have a local website for sport activities, if not try Meetup). There are many websites to find volunteering, I like because there is no orientation required and it’s a good mix of events.

  1. And most importantly Be open to new possibilities, experiences and adventures. There will be definitely days that you wished you’ve never left your home town. It takes time and patience. Be yourself.


~ Pavlina


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