Ready. Set. Turn on the AC

Are you ready for fun in the sun?

I’m ready for shorts and tank tops, aren’t you? I love summer here in Boston! People are strolling around the public garden and Newbury street drinking their iced lattes. And when you get overheated you eagerly run into one of the many AC-ED stores for some relief.

C’mon you know you do it!

…and as you’re reading this, you think? Oh, I better make sure my AC is in good working condition, right? There’s nothing worse than coming home after a long hot day and finding out your AC went Ka*put. One important aspect of preparing for summer is making sure certain appliances are in working order, especially after a long blistering winter. If you have forgotten to change the AC filter during your spring cleaning, now is the perfect time. Whether it’s a window unit or central air, it’s good to have it cleaned regularly. Not only it will improve air quality but it will save energy and more importantly, money!

If you have a window unit always be sure to check the screen because those pesky little bugs are waiting to join the party.  And while you’re on a checking spree, go and take a peek at the dryer vent ducts — keep those baby clean; failure to do so creates two major and common problems:

  1. Your dryer won’t dry properly and your clothes will forever spin and will come out damp. This is an issue if you care to conserve energy and your bill.
  1. It’s a huge fire hazard. Not cleaning your ducts properly accumulates layers and layers of lint, dirt which can catch on fire.

I’ve had a clients deal with both issues, trust me, you don’t want to go there. It’s costly, time consuming and a huge headache.

And since we’re on the topic of “cooling off”, have you scheduled your yearly pool party? Doing a yearly check on your pool will save you time for when you’re ready to enjoy it. Be sure to add it to your inspection list, too!

A Tip:  Want to know about a “cool” service (lol)? For those who don’t own or want to deal with AC maintenance this nifty company will rent you one! Pretty cool, huh? Rent an AC is in Newton, MA and have been around for 10+ years. I’m seriously considering renting one this summer.


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