Spring has arrived, which means cleaning out your space!

Spring is here!!

It is my most favorite time of the year. It’s also the best time to clear, clean and organize your closet, home and office. I was asked recently why is it always in the Spring? The season represents new beginnings, starting out clean.  The flowers start to bloom, trees are leafing out, people are coming out of their seasonal depression, days are longer and sunnier, and so on. Overall it’s that feeling when you need to shake out the cold and dark days and open the window, breathe in the fresh spring air and let the sun warm your face.

I know most of you have been thinking “I should start de-cluttering” but motivating yourself could be hard. Here are few pointers how to approach this daunting project.

First, start with the tiny clutter. You will be amazed how uplifting and free you’ll feel once all those random things that have been lying around magically disappear.  Of course you’ll need something to put them in, how about a basket or bowl? Strategically placed at the places that you know you throw stuff and then it accumulates. I was recently at a home goods store and there were baskets and other organizing solutions that were divided so they have few pockets to store and organize your belongings. Those are perfect for the person that just walks in and discards some change, papers, receipts, etc.

Next stop on your journey of organizing your home is your closet. I know everyone is talking about closet organization and what-not. But really, wouldn’t you be happier in the morning if everything is where you thought it might be while desperately trying not to be late for work?

And here comes the boring part, organizing your office.  Every person has a different system of filing papers but at the end what matters is how easy are to find those papers. If you tend to pile papers (like me sometimes), all you need to do is dedicate one hour of your time every week to sort and file. Even if you don’t finish the pile don’t stress over it, leave it for the next week. After certain time you will see that this task doesn’t take that long, especially since you already have the system in place. And once that dreadful hour is over, go ahead and reward yourself! Have some ice cream, glass of wine, meditate, whatever your heart desires.

If you still think you can’t do it by yourself, you can just give us a call and we will provide the extra help you need.

Happy Spring.

~ Pavlina

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