This news may take you by surprise, but it has been a long time coming…

As I mentioned in my new year’s post about MORE, this year I am pivoting and starting a new life! Well… sort of.

I am developing a new branch of Master The Time: Life and Business coaching!

This may take you by surprise, but it has been a long time coming. I’ve always been interested in the personal development field, reading books about self-help, physical health and wellness, and lately spiritual health. To be completely honest, I’ve always been curious about these fields but somehow felt weird and self-conscious when talking about these topics. I’ve worked with a karma healer, astrologer, tarot reader, and reiki provider on a regular basis throughout the years (along with many business coaches and mentors).

So now that it’s normal to walk around with crystals and have a healer or whoever else is helping you, I have started taking a spiritual gift development class to connect better with my higher self and use my healing gifts appropriately! Everyone has gifts and it is up to the person to decide how well they will utilize them.

For example:

– you may be great at creating processes and procedures to simplify and streamline the workflow

– you may be great at talking with people

– you may be a great teacher or leader

– there may be something that you do and do not know that you are doing it… – and that is your gift!

My gift is to talk with people and help them figure out how to fix the issue they are stressing about. To motivate them to take action and get them energized to go out there and claim their life. To heal them from the heart and mind.

I get excited about all the possibilities, then ideas start to swarm in my head, followed by sharing some great stuff and then my clients are ready to go. Friends and clients know that about me – I am never short on ideas for how to get to your next level… I give advice whether you ask for it or not! (Maybe not my best quality, hahahaha, but I want to help as many people as possible to solve their problems!)

Even when I started Master The Time Concierge back in 2013, my goal was to help people with their daily life – to simplify and organize! This included: taking on their to-do lists, organizing their physical spaces and lives in general, making things run smoother. After doing this for over 8 years, I realized I needed to shift, I needed to bring it to the next level. Because doing all the day-to-day work was not enough… I wanted to help people change their mindset, their view of life, career, and business. Especially if you are a business owner or entrepreneur – your personal life and your business are so intertwined that often you (we) don’t see the differences and one can take over the other. I want to talk about that, I want to teach people how to set boundaries, I want to guide people through taking advantage of the situation they are in… All the exciting juicy stuff!

I will be offering 1:1 coaching, workshops, challenges and online trainings.

You probably think I am crazy, but this stuff is exciting, and I am all jazzed up about it.

Of course, Master The Time will continue to be in business – we are just focusing specifically on our relocation services! Orchestrating the whole thing, bossing the movers, setting up the new home, everything. So, I am keeping that services and adding the life and business coaching. (Since I am being honest here, relocation/moving is one of my favorite projects to manage!)

We are taking a bit of a break from the other services, but we are honoring the contracts with current clients enrolled in Lifestyle Management, Student Concierge and Events projects.

So here’s to new beginnings in the physical space, mental space and your business. Cheers!



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