Your life or your business!

Some of you may know this but I’ve been taking Amanda Frances courses and all I am going to say is that I love her!

Anyway, today I was listening to one of the modules and she said the following:
“You never want to feel like you are sacrificing your life for your business. Your life is important, and
your business is important. Your business supports your life so you should do anything and everything
always. But you also want to love your work or your job.”

And it got me thinking….. How many times have I sacrificed one for the other? Do I truly enjoy what I do? Does it spark joy? (Throwing another quote from a famous person !)

The answers to these questions are complicated as it is for everyone, but if we had to strip it down to
the basics – Yes, I do enjoy what I do. I enjoy working with people, I am trying to have more ME time so I can recharge, so THEN I can service my clients better. As a business owner, carving time to relax, have fun and enjoy life is essential!!

That doesn’t mean that if you don’t own a business, you are not allowed to have those things too. In fact, from what I am noticing with friends around me, it seems like it is imperative to refill your cup as often as you can. American style of running a business is brutal to the human body and mind. You have unused vacation and sick time, USE IT!!! Can you really make more money by getting yourself exhausted and in some cases even sick?

Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t work because you need to support yourself or your family. What I am suggesting is to find the work that you love, so it doesn’t fee like work at all. So you are excited about it, energized and you are looking forward to a day where you do your best work and then go on to live your best possible life. Doesn’t it sound AMAZING?!?!?!

To help you get there – discover what you truly want, how to enjoy life to the fullest, work smarter and so much more; we have 2 options for you:

 Life coaching sessions – where we go through your personal and/ or business life and discuss the things that ail you, find better strategies to take the right course of actions.

 Lifestyle management – where you know what to do but you just need the physical support to get you there. Think of it as your support system at home.

I am excited to start working with you… Let’s get this life thing figured out!



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