Master The Time Concierge is the perfect solution for your overwhelming list of errands and projects.  As a personal concierge company we are offering a variety of high quality services to help busy professionals, seniors and families keep their lives in order.We focus on building a trusting relationship with our clients.

Let us give you the opportunity to spend your time as you wish, while we simplify, organize, plan and supervise the projects you find stressful or overwhelming. Free time is no longer a dream; it becomes an exclusive luxury with our expert care and dedication to every customer’s unique needs. At Master The Time, we make time for YOU.

We are offering services in Boston and the surrounding area and we have variety of service packages to choose from depending on your needs. If you need us just this once,  we have “A la carte” hourly rate of $35 for Errand/ Concierge services (plus standard mileage fee, if applicable), all other services start at $65/hr. Last minute or emergency requests will be taken upon availability, there is an additional 50% to the hourly rate.

We understand that things may happen, plans can change and unexpected events may occur. However we do require 24 hour cancellation notice (fees may apply).

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For additional information visit Pricing and FAQ pages.

Interesting jobs we’ve worked on recently:

  • Deliver a hot soup and cold medicine to a loved one visiting Boston (it was ordered from a friend across the country). 
  • Check out or set up apartments for clients that are relocating to Boston area
  • Track family ancestors through web research 
  • Pick up a lost computer from Logan Airport and deliver/send it to it’s owner
  • Emergency money delivery to an out-of-town teenager attending summer camp in Boston
  • Special surprise birthday cake delivery
  • Pick up and drop off an unique table top from an interior designer’s office
  • Bring a client’s car to be serviced to the dealership
  • Schedule a grooming appointment and later drop off and pick up the pet
  • Plan a family party and supervise caterers
  • House and dog sit, and while on premises work on an organizing project.
  • Shopping for groceries, home goods, pet and garden supplies.
  • Help pack and unpack a student attending boarding school
  • Web research on specific items