Master The Time are Boston’s relocation experts. The whole process of moving from one location to another is simply overwhelming. Setting up the home, office or even a second home is something that takes time and effort. That is why we have a trusted system that we use for each project that makes our clients move seamless.


Why work with us?

Now, more than ever, people have the desire to thrive in their personal and professional lives. To accommodate that we – offer bespoke relocation experience. Our expertise in relocation is simply priceless. We’ve been doing this work since 2013 and we are exceptional at it.


New *Upcoming* Services

After many years in the business of working with people and finding their pain points, our founder Pavlina Atanasova have decided to step into the role of a Life Coach and Business Strategist. It may seem at odds with the rest of the services but really the focus has always been the clients’ well-being and how we can help them achieve their goals. As a result, Pavlina has opened her Life Coaching practice to entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and other high performing individuals that need help getting to their next level.

We understand that things may happen, plans can change and unexpected events may occur. However we do require 48 hours cancellation notice.

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